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Top Rated Radiant Floor Heating Installation Services in the San Diego, OH Area

Radiant floor heating systems have been around for thousands of years, used by the ancient Romans and Turks to Frank Lloyd Wright, commonly referred to as “subfloor heating” back in their day. Now thanks to modern technology and advancement, Jon's Plumbing can bring you the same concept using PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing that is installed below your floor where it heats up to keep your Mount Vernon, OH home nice and comfortable. With radiant floor heating, you can expect efficient and quiet heating and operation while also gaining the benefits of clean air quality, as there is no ductwork involved. If you are in need of Top Rated Radiant Floor Heating Installation Services in the Mount Vernon, OH area, trust the experts at Jon's Plumbing and schedule your install today!

Types of Radiant Floor Heating Installation Services by Jon's Plumbing

There are two primary radiant floor heating systems that can be utilized installing this particular heating system:

  • Hydronic Systems – These systems use pipes that are filled with heated water located underneath your floor. The water within the pipes is heated up using a boiler system.
  • Electric Systems – This type of radiant floor heating system utilizes electric wires or mats that are heated up using electricity.

    Best Areas to Install Radiant Floor Heating Systems in Your Mount Vernon, OH HomeWhile one of the greatest advantages of radiant floor heating systems is that they can be installed virtually anywhere in your Mount Vernon, OH home, the best rooms to install radiant floor heating include:
    • BathroomsKitchensBedroomsBasementsGarages and DrivewaysHome Offices… and more!

    Benefits of Top Rated Radiant Floor Heating Installation Services From Jon's Plumbing Radiant Floor heating systems provide many benefits for homeowners in the Mount Vernon, OH area. Radiant floor heating systems are a great, efficient alternative to more traditional routes of heating such as classic furnaces. Some of the top benefits of Professional Radiant Floor Heating Installation Services From Jon's Plumbing include:
  • More Space:
    Traditional HVAC systems are quite large and take up a considerable amount of space in your home. With radiant floor heating systems, all of the heating is created right under your floors, allowing you a ton of extra space in your Mount Vernon, OH home. If you live in a smaller house, radiant floor heating systems can be a great heating alternative to utilize in efforts to create more space for you and your family.
  • Save on Energy Efficiency:
    Radiant floor heating systems are particularly energy efficient as they only have to sustain around 84 degrees Fahrenheit to heat a room. For context, traditional radiator systems, for example, require a sustained temperature of around 160 degrees Fahrenheit to properly heat a space. Using around half as much energy to heat your Mount Vernon, OH home, radiant floor heating systems can save you up to 15% on your utility bills every month.
  • Maintenance
    Almost every homeowner knows the perils of monthly and yearly HVAC maintenance. With radiant floor heating systems, there is virtually zero maintenance – saving you time, energy, and money! Once your radiant floor system has been installed, they typically do not require any additional or annual maintenance.
  • Air Quality
    One of the greatest benefits of radiant floor heating systems is that they provide much better air quality for your home. With traditional HVAC systems, air ducts are blowing dirty air, dust, and debris all throughout your home. Radiator systems can actually reduce oxygen levels and circulation throughout your home. Radiant floor heating systems do not produce any of this, as they simply do not use any type of forced air to heat your home. If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, radiant floor heating systems are a great option to consider to cut down on irritants throughout your home.
  • Compatible with All Flooring:
    No matter what type of flooring you have in your Mount Vernon, OH home, whether it be carpet, wood, stone, tile, laminated, or whatever else, radiant floor heating can be installed! Additionally, the installation process itself is typically not very difficult, making it an all around easy installation.

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Can radiant floor heating heat an entire house?

Yes, radiant floor heating can heat your entire house! If you are looking to use radiant heating as your main source of heat in your home, the best type of radiant heating system to utilize is hydronic. Hydronic methods use heated water to heat your floors and subsequently your home. If you are interested in installing a radiant floor heating system in your home, call the experts at [DealerName] to learn more and schedule an installation today!

How long does radiant floor heat last?

Radiant floor heating systems have an average lifespan of about twenty years or more. Radiant floor heating systems also do not require annual maintenance such as their more traditional counterparts. If you are looking for a heating system that will last you a long time before needing any kind of replacement, radiant floor heating systems are a great option. Call the heating pros at [DealerName] to learn more about Top Rated Radiant Floor Heating Services today and schedule an install!

Which is better radiant heat or forced air?

Whether radiant heat or forced air is better, ultimately depends on what heating benefits you are looking for. With that said, radiant heating systems are reported to be thirty percent more efficient than forced air systems and generally provide a more continuous level of warmth. Additionally, radiant heating systems are more quiet and provide significantly better air quality for your home. If you are trying to decide whether to install radiant heat or forced air in your home, call [DealerName] and let the heating experts walk you through your options.

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