Jon's Comfort Club

Jon's Comfort Club

Welcome to Reliability.

Modern heating and air conditioning systems are engineered for reliability, efficiency and safety.  Even with advanced technology, our furnaces and air conditioners are not "set it and forget it" systems.

To keep your HVAC system reliable and safely running at peak efficiency, it is important to have periodic maintenance performed.  Regular maintenance saves money on your energy costs, and most major manufacturers today require that regular maintenance be performed on their equipment to qualify for warranty coverage.

As a help to our customers, we created Jon’s Comfort Club to meet manufacturer’s maintenance requirements and help ensure that each system is operating safely, reliably and at peak efficiency.  Jon’s Comfort Club is much more than just a maintenance agreement.  It truly is a “club” that provides its members with great benefits!

Membership has Benefits!

Members of Jon’s Comfort Club enjoy many benefits beyond those things they’ve naturally come to expect from Jon’s such as certified, trained, experienced and professional technicians, guaranteed workmanship and quality work at a fair price.

Club Members realize that their home’s heating and cooling systems require periodic maintenance to safely operate at peak efficiency.  Thus, members can select an annual membership level that best meets their home’s needs, and gain access to Club-only benefits!

Club Members enjoy these extra benefits:
• Priority scheduling.
• Discounts on plumbing/heating/cooling service calls and repairs.
• Extended warranties on parts and labor. (On some membership levels)
• Thorough, periodic servicing of heating and cooling systems.
• Accrual of credits towards replacement systems including their water heater!
• No overtime labor charges.

Member Benefits

Three Levels To Fit YOUR Needs.

Jon's Comfort Club has three membership levels from which you can choose the one that fits YOUR needs.  Each level presents increasing benefits from discounts to credits on new equipment purchases to extended warranties!

Pick the level that is best for YOU!


Here's the deal ...

We pledge to maintain your heating and air conditioning system like it was our own.

We understand the inconveniences associated with system failures … because ours sometimes break down, too.  The chance of a breakdown can be minimized through a regular, proactive maintenance program.

Our techs will advise you when system components are testing as being nearly out of accepted operating ranges.  That gives you the knowledge you need … backed up with hard facts (test results) … to decide whether to replace aging parts that will fail in the not-too-distant-future or put off that repair until a later date.  Always remember this, our techs are not salespeople.  They are advisors that serve the needs of our customers by providing recommendations that are in the customer's best interests.

Call us today at 740-392-5667 or message us using the button below.  We look forward to helping you with your heating and cooling system.

Thank you for choosing Jon's!

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