Maintenance Agreements

Maintain Your Home's Most Important Appliance

Your Heating & Cooling System!

It's difficult to imagine a home or office having no heat during the frigid cold winter temperatures or no source for cool air during a sweltering hot summer. Your heating and cooling system is arguably one of your home's most important appliances because you rely on it so frequently to keep you and your family comfortable year round. Because it's such an important appliance, it's necessary to maintain it to preserve it's efficiency and effectiveness.

Routine HVAC Maintenance Pays for Itself

Your home’s heating and cooling system accounts for as much as 54% of your household’s monthly energy consumption.  So in order to keep your home’s energy expenses at bay, your heating and cooling system needs to be running at peak efficiency, year round. That’s why Jon’s Plumbing & Heating offers a yearly maintenance program.  Routine HVAC maintenance provides the following benefits:
  • • Better system efficiency, which translates to reduced energy expenses.
  • • Extends the life of your HVAC system.
  • • Maintains system warranty.
  • • Helps to prevent larger, more costly problems from
    occurring. For every $1 spent on maintenance, our customers save as much as $3 in potential repair costs.
  • • A clean system has you and your family breathing cleaner, healthier air.

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Two Great Options!

We have some EXCITING new changes to offer our to maintenance agreement customers! You will now be able to choose from 2 different options to better fit your budget and your busy schedule. All of our plans include the same great service, the only thing that differs from plan to plan is when during the year the service is performed.


Customer’s Preferred Choice

Spring Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Service Call

Fall Furnace Service Call

2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty on Any Repair to Your System*


Two at a Time Program

Air Conditioner / Heat Pump and Furnace are Serviced a the Same Time.

2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty on Any Repair to Your System*

*Must be Current Maintenance Customer

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